What Are We Selling?

So? Why the website? What are we selling?

Mostly we just want to introduce Beginner Shooters to guns. To help people understand the dangers and responsibility of gun ownership while also trying to explain that a gun is a tool. Target Shooting is a sport, and when it is gone about in the correct way, the safe way, it is no more dangerous then most sports. We are not experts. We are learning more and more as we enjoy the sport ourselves.

Every Gun Owner/Military Personal/Shooter/Hunter NEEDS to introduce non gun people to the sport as often as they can. Our country today is so far removed from guns that the average person/citizen does not only not know how to use a gun, but/and is afraid of a gun. Our government is partly to blame for this Fear Factor. Once people know how to use and carry a gun, the safer this country will be.

Guns, to Own and Bear Arms, is our God Given 2nd Amendment Right in this Country. To Bear guns means to carry guns and use them when needed. Ask an average citizen and I bet they do not even know what this means. Many, many, more than the average person understands, has died upholding these rights for our Country.

We do have a few items for sale in our online store. One of the things we offer that is a bit unique is to make for you a Key Chain or Charm or even Earrings from the case/shell your own gun expels. This is most fun for someone with a new gun or someone's first shot out of a gun the first time they shoot. You can see more in our On Line Store here at the website.

The contents of this page for What Are We Selling? is still under construction. Please check back later!

-- The Far Out Guns Team
Sat, 12 May 2012 16:31:11 -0400