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There are many ways to carry a gun with you for Personal Protection. While having a gun in a holster on your body is by far the best. Having a BUG (Back Up Gun) in your Purse or Belly Bag or even in a Holster on your Ankle can be life saving. My little Derringer 22 fits very nicely into my Cell Phone Holster. No one would ever think that it was anything other than a Cell Phone.

I should stop here and mention that carrying a gun without a holster, like just tucked into your pants can be very dangerous, if not deadly. Not too long ago a guy in FL tucked his girlfriend's Pink Pistol down the front of his pants and because it was not tucked inside a holster and secure, shot his own manhood. Yes. He shot his own manhood with a Pink Pistol.

Marna's New Conceal Carry Purse 2016-05-17

Guns in Purses and Belly Bags should be inside a secure holster. There are many types of Purses and Belly Bags made just for this that offer thick velcro that the holster attaches to so that you can grab the gun out quickly. Some Purses are made so that you can shoot from inside of it. I would NOT recommend doing this. By the time you have it all lined up and ready...too late.

Keep in mind. Remember. Your purse or belly bag might be the first thing a person grabs. So only having a pistol in your purse....

Always be ready. And the bottom line is....LEARN TO SHOOT THE GUN YOU CARRY AND LEARN TO SHOOT IT WELL.

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IF you carry a gun, you should know how to shoot THAT gun, and also know about Safe Shooting....like looking beyond your target and such.

HAVE A PLAN, also part of training, of how you would draw your gun if you needed it quickly.

We have a good friend that teaches Woman's Defense Shooting. This guy is a Retired Police Officer and VOLUNTEERS His Time, BRINGS the ammo for the ladies FREE to them, and is always thinking of Scenarios to teach them. I AM FORTUNATE to know him and hear the stories he tells about different Training Technics! I have learned a LOT from him.

One of the things our friend has taught the ladies is to keep their pistols, revolvers is his favorite for carry, so that they can get to it if someone opened their car doors and the driver/lady had on a Seat Belt.

Another thing he taught them, and he used a large Rag Doll to teach them this...is what to do if you were holding a child's hand and needed to draw a gun/.

My point is. Learn to handle, shoot, and think of how you will get to your gun in different scenarios.

Back Side Black Glock 27 Holster

Every person, man or woman, is a different size and has different abilities, as well as dresses different. Each of these will make a difference of what Holster or Carry Technique fits them. And everyone needs to make sure what they are doing, how they are carrying their weapon, works for them, for their size and style and abilities. That also means, if you shoot a 22 or 380, don't carry a 45.

Leather Conceal Carry Belly Fanny Bag Camo Conceal Carry Belly Bag Fanny

The type of Holster/Conceal you wear will also depend on where you are going. I do not carry this Camo Belly Bag to the Mall, but I do wear it out here on the Prairie when I walk out here. I also carry a few other items within that I only carry out here. Again. It matters where you are going, many times, how you decide to carry your weapon.

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If you are going to be Backpacking in Bear, Big Cat Or Wolf county, you will want the best, easiest to get too, with a large caliber pistol. Do not put your gun inside your Backpack and think trouble will wait while you take the time to get to your gun, then get it out, then....

Same is true for everywhere you go.

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