Hand Gun Review

Hand Guns. Pistols, Revolvers, Hand Guns. It is funny to me. Men seem to favor Long Guns and most women prefer Hand Guns. But no one would deny that Target Shooting with Pistols is a whole lot of fun. Below are our opinions of Hand Guns we have shot, cleaned and cared for. We hope this becomes an ever growing list. Sorry, but the way the guns are listed will have no real rhyme or reason for you, just bare with us.(most of these reviews are my female opinion, maybe when Deron has more time he will also make some comments)



When I bought my first carry gun Deron did a lot of research On Line. He and I also talked to a lot of salesmen and other shooters. We spend an entire day looking at different guns for me to carry. I wanted a small light weight gun, but something larger than a 22. While looking at other guns, in two different Guns Shops, without asking, two separate men, that shoot and own a lot of guns, neither I had met before, told me that the Taurus 380 TCP was "a great little gun for the price and was an accurate little gun". Well, when someone comes up and gives you advise like that in one Gun Shop you listen, when two men, in two different Gun Shops tell you the same thing.....you buy that type of gun. I did. Deron and I were shooting eggs off a milk jug at 35' ON THE SECOND CLIP EACH WE EVER PUT IN THE GUN! THAT is an accurate little gun! It, of course, has more kick in your hand then a larger, longer barreled 380, but even then, not too bad. Deron and I liked shooting that little Taurus so much, we bought another in PINK and I have carried and used that gun now for several months. Deron carried the first one we bought. I recommend this gun to others often.

TaurusTCP Pink 2012-04-29

I can not say enough about this little gun. I really do love this gun. For me, the perfect carry gun...and it is cute and comes in so many colors. It is small and light weight enough to be discrete and powerful enough, when shot correct, to have stopping power.

Here are the Specs.

Weight: 9 Ounces
Barrel: 3.30" (the gun is approx. 5 1/2" long and 4" tall with a magazine in the gun)
Action: DOA
Caliber: 380 ACP
Sites: Raised Nobs (I painted the back area with Pink Fingernail Polish for evening/better shooting)
Magazine: Holds 6


Almost everyone has seen a 22 Revolver, at least on TV or the Big Screen. But not everyone should have or even shoot one. Some how, somewhere, respect for this gun was lost. Somehow many people see it as more of a toy. NO LIVE BULLET SHOOTING GUN IS A TOY, NOT ONE. Somehow also, many people think they can just pick one up and shoot it like they do in the movies. Fact is, the average person could not load it or dispel the shells.

Some people are surprised to find out that Revolvers come in more calibers then just the 22. And yes, there are colored Revolvers for sale, I have seen both PINK and PURPLE Revolvers for sale in Gun Stores and at Gun Shows....but they sell fast! The colored Revolvers I have seen are in the 38 caliber. Keep in mind, those bigger caliber Revolvers usually have a kick to them.


JC Higgins Model 88 9shot 22 pistol

These are not real uncommon, but they are not real easy to find either. I have a couple. I think <grin> these are what they used in some of the old westerns on TV. When the shoot outs would start and the cowboys had revolvers, but they just kept shooting after they hit number six. We all used to joke about it. I did not know until a couple of years ago that they even made nine shooter revolvers, but man, I like them!

This one was the first I had, the first Nine Shot Revolver I had seen. At first I was.... But when I used this gun, cleaned this gun, loaded and unloaded this gun, I really liked it. This one is a JC Higgens model 88 Break Open 9 Shot. All in all, I would recommend this to someone thinking about a 22 Revolver.

H&R 9shot pistol 2012-04-29

My other Nine Shot 22 Revolver is an H&R model 929. This one I went out looking for. I had decided I wanted a 22 to "plink" with and this type would be good to use and not as expensive as an Automatic. Funny thing was, we went to a Gun Show, Huge Show, stood in line a good long time before going in. When Deron paid at the door I walked straight forward to a booth and laid eyes right on it. I talked the guy down, filled out the paperwork and bought the gun. When I brought it home and shot it, I was glad I found it. It is indeed a nice little gun to "plink" with. It is easy to clean, pretty accurate, easy to load and unload. Worth the money I paid for it. Again, I would recommend this gun, and if you find any nice Nine Shooter in a Revolver and you think you want one. But it. Nine Shooters, while not too uncommon, are not always that easy to find.


Tanfoglia 6shot 22LR pistol 2012-04-29

This is a KOOOOL little gun Deron and I bought at a Garage Sale....for a very good price. I am glad we bought this gun, but I do not use it much. This gun is called a Tanfoglia model TA76 22 Push Rod Revolver. "Push Rod" means you load and unload each bullet one at a time. This is a great thing for a beginner to learn with, but slow when out "plinking". It will slow you down from burning through a box of ammo.


Burgo 22 Short Pistol 2012-03-07 Burgo 6shot 22short pistol 2012-04-29

This is a cute little German 22 Revolver from 1962, it uses a 22 short, <read little bitty> bullet. I really like the look and feel of this gun a lot. I saw this gun in a Pawn Store for less then $90, and when I finished bargaining for it, I was pleased with the price and went off to buy ammo for it on the way home. I could not wait to try out this little pistol.

If you read reviews on line about the Burgo, it can have some problems. The problem most talked about is the "timing". The teeth on the back of the cylinder get worn (it is an older gun) and cause timing problems. We are sure that mine has that problem. Most of the time, all six rounds shoot. But now and again a bullet or two will not go off. We are checking into the problem and how to fix it.

But I can not help myself, I love this little gun! When it works it is a blast to shoot.

This would NOT be a good carry gun, unless it was the only gun you own.


Small Gun Big Hands 2012-09-16

I am a big fan of little (cute) guns. So when I saw this one, I wanted it. I looked at it several times and when I found a good deal on one at a Gun Show, I bought it. I am NOT disappointing.

I love this little bitty North American Arms 22 Revolver. It fits nice and snug in the "web" of my hand, snugged down in the area between my thumb and index finger. I can get a good hold on this gun and aim pretty accurately. Deron however, and a couple of other people we had shoot this gun did not care for it. They could not get the same hold as I do and so it bounced up when with the bang. I was surprised that this gun does NOT have a huge recoil, I was bracing for much more recoil than the gun performed.

This photo is of the North American Arms 22 Revolver in Deron's hands.

One thing I REALLY like about this little gun is that you can conceal it about anywhere. I had it in my cell phone holster in the area behind the phone (I have a two pocket cell phone holder with a zippered area for, well, whatever. I also made an itty bitty holster for this gun. I put heavy duty velcro on one side of the holster and the other side of the velcro inside the front pocket of my Cargo Pants. It fits really well, stays above anything else, such as change or ammo, I want to carry in that pocket, and no one could even guess it is there.

I have more to say about this gun and will get back to this review.


Marna's New Derringer

This is a gun I had to have. Had. To. Have. They are cute and so small. It was the first gun I was going to buy for a carry gun. Then I talked to sales people and other shooters who persuaded me to look at the automatics that held more and larger bullets. Well. I still wanted that Derringer. They can be pricey for a two shot 22 little bitty gun. Years later when I walked into a Gun Shop and saw it there for less then $150 new, I had to purchase it. I got the chrome with white "pearl" handles. They do have other choices, like the black gun with wood handles and now several other colors. I was indeed surprised and it was nice to see, this gun has a life time warranty from the USA Manufacturer and it came with a one year membership to the NRA.

This gun shoots a bit different then other guns. You pull the trigger down, not back.

I got a kick out of the fact that this gun fits in my little Cell Phone Holster, behind my Cell Phone. I don't think I will carry it often, but you never know. The idea of having a "concealed weapon" is that no one sees or knows you have it. It is hidden and out of side. There are holsters on the market for bra holsters for this little gun.....but you have to have the body to hide the gun and be able to conceal the gun. Not all of us do.

more to come

Barrel: 2 1/2" (the gun is approx. 4 1/4" long and approx 3 1/4" tall
Caliber: 22LR
Magazine: None, chamber holds 2 bullets


Charter Arms Lavender Lady Pair  2013-05-18

I bought the Charter Arms Lavender Lady in 32 cal and LOVED it! I had seen the Charter Arms Revolvers and looked at them (many times) before this. But all I had seen were the .38 Specials. Charter Arms makes these revolvers in a Rainbow of Colors and have cute names for them each.

Let me stop here and give a bit of background on my shooting experience. The first Hand Gun I owned was a (plain colored) H&R 38 Special. I did not care for the bite to my hand when I shot the 38's, I only shot a very few .357's out of it and soon looked for a better Hand Gun for me to shoot with soon after buying it. My search lead me to a Bersa Thunder 380 Automatic Pistol. I love that gun. It was a great gun for me to use to learn to shoot and hit targets. I soon started shooting larger caliber pistols, started shooting with clubs/competing, and most of the time I (at this point) shoot a 40 cal.

So when I was looking at Revolvers, Deron was not real.....what shall I say? Excited. Especially when I was looking at a small revolver in the same caliber as the one we had bought and had at home and the ones I was looking at were lighter weight then the one I had at home. He tried several times to talk me out of it. Charter Arms however is brilliant in knowing that women shooters like colored guns. And their product kept catching my eyes in the glass cases. There I said it! I LOVE THAT THEY OFFER COLORS, AND LOTS OF THEM!

Anyway. I bought the .32 caliber and love to shoot it both single and double action. I thought that if I liked the .38 Special half as much...

Marna Revolver  2013-05-18

The specs I found for these guns: for both the 38 SP and the 32

Overall Length 6 1/4"
Barrel Length 2"
Height 4 1/4
Weight 18 ounces

PLEASE!: Please read your own Manual, the one that comes with your gun. If you did not receive a Manual with your gun, go on line and look up what, and I mean, just what, type of ammo your new gun uses. Don't just buy any "38" or "32" ammo and think it will be the right type. Read your manual and read the side of the ammo box! Knowing the right type of ammo to buy for your gun is VERY important.

Many times a well meaning husband/boy friend/shooting friend will give you the wrong advise. But the truth is you only have you to blame if you did not read your manual before shooting your gun.

 Two Fisted Shooting  2013-05-18

When I shot the .38 Special for the first time I wore my shooting gloves. And I must admit, I was expecting more of a bite than I felt. I had no problems shooting and in fact, ENJOY shooting these guns! Even with the .38 Special, I was able to keep the gun very still as I shot Double Action and hit the target.

If you are a new shooter, you might want to go with the .32 H&H Caliber....and you might have a heck of a time finding one. You can do an Internet Search and see all the colors these guns are offered in. Again, good luck finding all the colors.

We got lucky (again). My .32 I got at a great price and I am not afraid to make a lower offer on any gun anywhere. All they can do is say "No.". But you know what? They did not say no and I got a great deal.

My .38 Special we bought "used" (it sure did not look it and had everything with it including the test shell) I got if quite a bit cheaper than new, and it IS like new for sure. Further. A gun is "used" as soon as you walk out of a gun store after you buy it. It is just like driving a vehicle off the car lot where they sell them. I am never afraid to buy a used gun. Most shops guarantee them if used anyway.


Walthers vs SigSaur 22 pistols

I wanted a 22 caliber pistol so that I could keep the cost of ammo down. I wanted a nice and attractive one. But DANG! The 22s cost the same as the 380s and other larger caliber guns. Why? Well, then it hit me one day. I sell all sorts of animal/pet items. Among the many items I sell are included sled dog and goat harnesses. When I make a harness for a very large dog, or a very small dog, I charge the same for each harness. Why? Same work involved. Mostly, other then the amount of webbing, the same equipment is involved. That, I understood and it made sense to me then. So I started looking at 22 pistols more seriously.

Two I really liked and they are both very pretty. The Sig Sauer Mosquito comes in a variety of colors. Their PINK was a Limited Edition and are now hard to find in some, if not most areas. There is a reason for that. The Sig Sauer Mosquito is a very nice gun anyway you look at it. The Mosquitoes Pink is a bright/neon pink and very pretty. This is a nice gun that they make and sell in many different colors.

The first time I saw a Walther's PINK 22 pistol, it was a soft pink. The one I have here is a very bright/neon pink. The handle of this gun is very feminine. It is, well, almost elegant. It is made for a small hand and has deep hand grips in the handle. A very nice feel in your hand. It is light weight and holds, as does the Mosquito, 10 rounds in the clip.

id=7777 align=right

When I read the two manuals I found that the Sig Sauer was very clean on how and whys. Walther's was not. Sig Sauer told the exact ammo to use and even gave you a coupon for the right type. Walther's said to only use the correct ammo, but I could not find, in print, what they recommended as the correct ammo. Wather's manual was more about warnings, and I understand that in today's world, and very little about the gun I bought. The Sig Sauer's manual was/is very clear about the gun and it's parts and care and still covers the same warnings too.

After running over 200 bullets through each gun before starting this comparison...

Right out of the box the Sig Sauer is very accurate. It has the look and feel of bigger caliber guns and could/does/might keep a person practicing for larger caliber sports while using the 22, meaning, cheaper ammo for practice. While fun to shoot the Walthers did not seem as accurate as the Sig Sauer. The Sig Sauer throws the expelled shells right in a pile just off to the right, the Walther's were just thrown, not so much together, and some further then others. The same good ammo was used in both guns.

CleaningAPistol 2012-04-29

When cleaning the two guns we noticed that the Sig Sauer's was pretty easy, even for a beginner shooter, to take a part and put back together. The Walter's was not very easy to put back together. Actually the Walther's was a "pain" to get back together.

LoadingMagazine2 LoadingMagazine1

The Walther's does load ammo easier, with the slight push of the magazine button. It is quick and easy. Not that the Sig Sauer is hard, just not as easy as the Walther's.

One more thing.... The Walther's is more photogenic than the Sig Sauer. <grin> The Walther's is a very pretty gun, very pretty. It looks just like it does in all the photos that make us Lady's want that gun. I can not get a good true color photo of the Sig Sauer, it comes out reddish or orangish, which it is not. It is a very pretty, makes you say, "I want one of those", gun.

much more to come

Secs. for the Sig Sauer Mosquito

Barrel: " (the gun is approx. " long and " tall with a magazine in the gun)
Magazine: Holds 10

Specs. for the Walther's P22 Pistol

Weight: Approx 16 Ounces with magazine (great weight for woman's hand, easy to handle)
Barrel: 3 1/2" (the gun is approx. 6 1/2" long and 5" tall with a magazine in the gun)
Action: Blowback Semiauto
Caliber: 22LR
Sites: Three Dots, came with two sets
Magazine: Holds 10


Ruger SR9c

We shopped and shopped and shopped for a 9 mil that I would enjoy. I wanted one for Competition Shooting....not that I will be great at competition, but what fun and what a fun way to meet people with the same interests. Deron was surprised when I walked up to the counter of a Sporting Goods Store, asked to see the Rugar 9 mil, I asked a couple of questions, looked it over, then talked them down on the price and bought it.

One of the two magazines/clips this gun comes with holds 17 bullets. The first day we took this gun out to shoot I told Deron, "I will shoot six, you shoot six, then we will have an idea of how it shoots." We agreed. Since we both work at home, we were just kinda running out to try the new gun then back to work. I shot first, 17. I looked at Deron and said, "This is my new favorite gun!" I refilled the clip and told him "Six just won't do!" He shot, he liked it a lot too. We shot it some more.

This gun has a great handle feel to it. The magazine with the 17 bullet chamber comes with an extension to the end of the handle, that I love, making it even better then it is with the 10 bullet magazine, not to mention more shooting between loading. I was afraid, in fact worried, all the way home after buying the gun, that I would not like it, that it would have a big kick that my wrists would not like. It did not. It is a very accurate gun, very accurate, with what I would call, very little kick for the power this gun has. It is easy to use, and load, and fun to shoot. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS GUN!

Weight: 23.40 ounces
Barrel: 3.50" (the gun is approx. 6.85" long and 4.61" tall with a magazine in the gun)
Caliber: 9mm Luger
Sites: Raised Three Dot (very well set they make this gun very accurate)
Magazine: Mine Came with two, one Holds 17 and the other 10 ~ I prefer the 17, not only because it holds more bullets, but it extends the handle for a better grip. When I bought extras, I bought the 17.


Diamondback 380 Pistol

I love our Taurus 380 TCPs, LOVE THEM! But when I had the opportunity to shoot this little PINK (more of a Raspberry) colored Dimondback DB380 compact gun, I took it. I liked this gun right away. The look, feel, recoil, accuracy, 6 in the magazine, nice sites, very nice pistol. I really like that it has the "beaver tail" for saftey over your thumb. That is the little par that comes out over the thumb under the slide. This protects your thumb from the slide biting it, a problem for many that hold the gun to high.

This little gun packs a big bang, is easy to clean, danged accurate, and look at the photo, just a nice looking, pretty little, girly girl or not, pistol. Any person, they come in black too, that wants a small carry gun with power, or just one for hiding in the home, any person that can shoot, would probably enjoy this gun.

YES! I would recommend this gun. In fact I have already said, more than once, to more then one of my shooting buddies, "Wait til you shoot that little PINK Diamondback 380, you are going to love it. Love It!".

more coming soon

Weight: 8.8 Ounces
Barrel: 2.80" (the gun is approx. 5 1/2" long and 3 1/2" tall with a magazine in the gun)
Action: Zero Energy Striker Fire
Caliber: 380
Sites: Raised with Three Dots (one of the nicest site set up I have seen in this sized and caliber gun)
Magazine: Holds 6


Taurus PT840

This is Deron's IDPA competition gun. Deron did a lot of on line research as well as actual shopping before buying his 40 Cal. The Taurus seemed like a great gun and with/for/to us already having the Taurus 380 TCPs, he bought the 40 caliber. We were not wrong.

This is a gun even a new shooter can shoot well. It is not hard to hang on to when you pull the trigger, not a lot of kick or what is called recoil, not too hard to load (although I do use the thumbsaver when I reload it), and I like that each clip/magazine holds 15 bullets.

It is not a gun I would carry, but Deron does daily. It is too big for my hip and my arm is very unnatural when I have it on my belt. But that is for sure my opinion and for another it might be that perfect gun for them to carry. A 40 caliber has "stopping power" and the look of it on a hip can be intimidating enough to stop trouble.

Deron and I have enjoyed this gun a couple of months now (before I wrote this review) and I have to say that I really like this gun. It is a bit to get used to the weight of the gun after (me) being used to lighter guns, but worth the extra effort it takes to shoot a couple of magazines. What I mean is, after a few bullet, I notice my arms are not as still (shakier, fatigued) as when I shoot my usual lighter weight guns.

We had three shooting buddies try out this gun. Each only shot it a couple of times, but seemed to have enjoyed it. Nik, who has had and shot guns for many years of his life commented on how nice it was and not as loud as other 40 calibers. Mindy, another girls/gals opinion....well, let's just say she smiled and kept shooting. We were not in our range when they shot it and I am hoping they will be soon. Then I can tell you how they also thought this gun is and more about their opinions.

I have cleaned this gun for Deron and couple of times now. (Deron and I have a "deal", he shoots more with me if I am able to do more of the background work, setting up for shooting and cleaning the guns. Great deal for me, great deal for him. Deron breaks the guns down, I clean, he puts them back together.) This gun is an easy one to clean. With the large caliber, you can see well what you have and have not cleaned.

The more I shoot/use this gun, and become more familiar with it, the more I like it.

Ok, the specs. For the novice these won't mean too much. But the novice should read through them and try to learn from them. Mostly, note the size of the gun and decide if this is a gun in the class you would buy from and use.

Weight: 32 oz (that is two pounds)
Barrel: 4" (the gun is approx. 8" long and 6" tall with a magazine in the gun)
Action: Single/Double
Caliber: 40 Smith & Wesson
Sites: Three Dots
Magazine: Holds 15

Taurus 2012-05-11

Taurus makes a PINK 40 Caliber that seems much like Deron's Taurus PT840 40. Guess What? it is on my "wish list"

TAURUS 24/7 PRO C DS (PINK Polymer Frame)

Taurus PT24:7 40 pink 2012-05-11

I GOT ONE! I FINALLY FOUND ONE AND BOUGHT IT! Let me tell you right away, that if you think, even if you just think, you might want one of these guns, start looking now. They are hard to find and harder to purchase. I would not sell mine either!

I set up several different targets at different distances. First bullet out of the gun, from 35' I hit the Soda Bottle I was aiming at, but I hit it about 3" higher then I was aiming...but still. <grin> After that I hit and missed targets, but lately, that is how I have been shooting. I did hit the Orange Rubber Target (about 6" tall) 40' out the first time I aimed at it. Overall, I like this gun very much. It is lighter weight then Deron's Taurus PT840 40 Cal, but shoots about the same. I might not have hit every target with the new Taurus 24/7 but Deron about did! It was hit, hit, hit for him. Our opinion is that this is a nice gun. Two days later I took this gun out to our Shooting Range that is about 100' from our office window. I went out alone, Deron was working. SON OF A GUN! I was hitting far more then missing, and sorry that Deron was missing seeing me hitting several of the targets! I was glad to hear him "whoop and holler" and see his arms moving about in the window (of course I was not watching him while I was shooting) as the targets were flying! Seems I like this gun more and more.

more to come ~ photos coming (of course)

Weight: 28 ounces
Barrel: 4.2" (the gun is approx. 6.5" long and 5 1/2" tall with a magazine in the gun)
Action: Single/Double
Caliber: 40
Sights: Fixed Heinie Three Dots (seems to shoot a bit low, but if you aim that way, you will shoot well)
Magazine: Came with two one holds 15 the other 11



Deron did a lot of On Line research as well as talking to others about their own 1911's.

coming soon

CZ82 9 mm Painted PINK

Marna's CZ82

I wanted a PINK 9 mil and Deron found this one on an On Line Gun Auction. So he bid, no one else did so we got it for the bottom dollar. We picked it up at our FFL Gun Shop and picked up ammo for it while we were there. This pistol takes and hold 12 9 mm Markarov in the magazine. The pistol is a bit stiff, could it be the paint? Or that it is an older gun? Or just the way this gun is made? It might take a little time for me to get used to shooting and using it. (although I hit the first two targets I shot at with it) It is not as smooth as the Ruger 9 mil, but shoots well and knocks down targets. The shells/bullet cases! They shoot out the side up to 35'! Now that is different. I guess you can hit the BGs (bad guys) both in front of you and to your right all at once.

much more to come

The contents of this page for Hand Gun Review is still under construction. Please check back later!

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