Long Gun Review

Long Guns, most known as Rifles. It seems that Long Guns are the favorite Guns of most men that shoot. And most men have favorite Makers and Models and Calibers. These are just our opinions a few of the many, many Long Guns that are made, have been made and will be made. Below is our opinions of Long Guns we have shot, cleaned and cared for.


Mosin Nagant 2012-03-24

Why would I list the Mosin Nagant first? This is a much over looked, inexpensive, well shooting, easy to use, accurate rifle, that just about everyone can afford to own. We had not heard of them before a friend of ours came out Shooting one Friday Night. He asked if we would like to shoot his, told us a little about the gun. He mentioned a Gun Show in the area the next day, and the Mosin Nagant became my mission...mission to find one to purchase for us.

The Mosin Nagant has a rich war history. It is a Russian Gun. There is a movie called "Enemy at the Gates" and if you are interested in this gun, you should watch this true WWII Story where the sniper/hero uses the Mosin Nagant.

Marna with Mosin Nagant 2012-06-11

I, as a woman, LOVE this rifle. It really is easy to use, has little kick, is very accurate, is a very pretty wood stock gun, that, did I mention? has little kick and is far reaching.

I love the history behind this gun. There are a couple of books that compliment this rifle. Each has care and a bit of history on it.

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Funny thing. Long before Deron and I hooked up, we were friends. Good friends. However I did not know he, and he did not know I, were looking for a gun about the same time. Each of us bought a Marlin 22 Rifle, the same exact Rifle, the same week end. I bought mine new, Deron bought his barely used with a nice scope at a Gun Show. Many years later, we still each own our first guns, those Marlin 22's.

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MARLIN 30 30



Deron loves big bore rifles, well, guns of any sort. I love a 12 gauge Shotgun, but not a big bore rifle. I do know that Deron loves the Marlin 444 and he shoots it well. But for more details I will have to get Deron to write this review. more information on this gun coming soon



Every Law Abiding Citizen should own at least one Shotgun. Shotguns come in several gauges and these days many sizes and colors too. So they make a Shotgun for everyone. Some hold one Shotgun Shell with a Break Open action, some hold five Shells with a Bolt Action or Pump Action. Some hold more and are now Semi Automatic.

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Deron bought this gun years ago. He and I used to shoot Clay Pigeons with friends in St. Louis, MO when we lived there. But a lot of time went by before we bought a 12 gauge ourselves. When he bought this one and sited it in, and it was my turn to shoot it, I had forgotten a lot of things about shooting a 12 gauge Shotgun.... and almost hit the ground. Good thing he was standing behind me. Since that time I have bought 20 gauges Shotguns and a 16 gauge Shotgun and enjoy them very much... but I have also started shooting the 12 gauge again and enjoying it.

I have not shot enough different 12 gauges to make a fair review, but I will say that this gun is a nice gun for us. However, we don't hunt nor do we change choke tubes to often. But for a fun time shooting Clay Targets, this is a very nice gun.

This shotgun holds five + one shells and when they come out of the gun when you shoot, they all fall right together, unless the shooter moves of course.

I started making and wearing a Bra Strap Recoil Pad and that makes a big difference in the shock to my shoulder. I have to say I no longer care to shoot rifles or shotguns without the recoil pads.

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(need to look up the maker) 16 GAGE SHOT GUN

If I told you the price I paid for this 16 gauge Shotgun you would not even believe me! I have not been disappointed when shooting this gun. Deron enjoyed it too. It certainly does have less recoil than a higher caliber shotgun but seems to reach as far as we needed when shooting our Clay Targets thrown by a Sling Arm Clay Thrower. We have a lot of fun with this Shotgun. It is one you can let a beginner use and not worry they will be hurt by the recoil if they do or don't hold it correctly when shooting.

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I did not set out to buy this gun. I did not need this gun. I was not looking for this gun. What I was looking for was the Pump 20 gauge that I bought with it. I wanted it to take apart and have the wood painted with my Cocker Spaniels picture as well as our HouseGoose's picture painted on it by a friend in TN. Why? Just because I thought it would be very nice to own. My dogs are not even Hunting Dogs.

So I went to a Pawn Store and told them I was looking for a 20 gauge Shotgun and if it were scuffed up, that would be alright. The salesman went into the back and brought out two. The XXX and the Smith and Wesson. I liked the other mostly because that the Smith and Wesson does not have the choke tube ability the other one did/does. However. That Smith and Wesson was so nice looking. They don't make them any more and it was offered for a good price. The price was so good, Deron whispered to me that we should buy both and if I did not want both, sell one for what we paid for the both of them. I made an offer for less than what we were quoted. Deron and I went to lunch and Deron did some research on the Internet to find out the value of the two Shotguns. It was the good deal that Deron had figured. We went back and I offered the same I had before lunch for both guns. After a bit of negotiating I bought both of the guns.

Along with being a good deal and Beautiful gun, this Shotgun is very nice to shoot and handle. I have enjoyed it many days out on our Shooting Range shooting clay pigeons thrown with the Swing Arm Thrower.

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New Guns 2012-09-16

Another great deal we found at a Gun Show. Mine is colored Camo...and I love that! I had wanted a Camo colored Shotgun since, well, many years ago I had Labrador Retrievers. I do not hunt, but I like the camo colored guns. Labs and Shotguns just go together like shoes and socks. So when Deron found this one at a booth at a Gun Show he knew I would like to have it. He was right.

This is a photo of The Remington 1100 Camo Print Shotgun, you might notice, if you look close another tiny gun in the photo. I bought it the same day as I did the Shotgun. I have a review for that itty bitty gun on the Hand Gun Review page. This photo was taken out on our Heavy Duty Shooting Table, Deron built, just before we shot the guns for the first time.

The first time we shot it we just giggled it was so much fun to shoot!

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 Rapid City Haul 2012-10-13

This is a gun, a BEAUTIFUL gun, I bought for Deron's Birthday. We enjoy the Remington so much I thought Deron should have an Semi Automatic Shotgun too. Deron's Winchester is a wood model and bought used it looked/looks very well loved. You can tell it was used, but well cared for. It is another of our Pawn Store finds. Ignore the other items in the photo, this is the only photo I have of this gun right now.


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