July 2016 Shoot

Picnic Table Construction 3

July 9th 2016 WE WILL BE HOSTING A SHOOT AT OUR PLACE! Here Are Some Details:




Sorry. Because of Time and Safety and Food Restraints, this shoot will be only for those invited.

NO CHILDREN NO PETS ~ It is going to be a very long hot day. Children (under 18 y/o) and Pets could melt away out here on the Prairie.

PROMPTLY STARTING with or without you, AT 8 am (I know, it IS early, but it will be hot that time of year.... and if you were going hunting you would be up and at it. <smiles>) Note: We will be serving eggs, bread and pastries, for breakfast just before/at 8 am as the shoot starts.

PRIZES! Yes There Will Be! And We Are Pretty Danged Sure....YOU ARE GOING TO LIKE THEM!

NO COST. No, we are NOT Charging You For This Shoot. There will also NOT be any ~ that is no ~

We ask that there is No Gambling here. Thanks.


I HATE THIS PART, BUT HERE IT IS! We live on Gumbo Soil (Dinosaur Poop!). IF it has rained, or they are giving Rain....

OR! With this Lack Of Rain, it could be our Fire Fighter Friends recommend NOT shooting (because of sparks from gongs or friction of bullets on tinder box grass)


Man. I really HATE this part. But I would HATE it more if you drove all the way out here to find you could not get in....

PLEASE, WHILE HERE, DO NOT STRESS OR HARASS OUR ANIMALS! Please do not bother our animals, do not "go see" our animals, do not 'pet' our animals, do not reach for our animals, w/o our permission. It is hot and many have babies. You are a stranger to them.


Gun Slinger Targets 2015-04-11

WE TRIED HARD TO PLAN CLASSES WITH SKILL, SPEED, AND FUN! Below are the Classes listed we have chosen to set up at Our Shoot In July! We hope you will choose one or all of the classes to participate in.

We have/had so many different ideas of types of Classes, we hope you come and have a good time....we would like to have more shoots out here....and use some of our other ideas! So Many Ideas, So Little Time!

Please bring your own Guns and 50 Rounds of Ammo for EACH of YOUR Guns, for each class you plan to shoot in. (200 rounds of Pistol for the Six Of One Class)

The Classes:

Deron Posing in new Old West Shirt for Quigley Shoot  2015-04-03

M = 1000 Yards, and M = Matthew Quigley Shooting Class

Long Distance, Big Bore ~ Iron Sites Shooting at 1000 Yards

We will be using the Old Type, Single Load, Big Bore, Rifles. Matthew Quigley Shoot Rules, for this Class (only)...mostly their rules that is.

Cross Sticks Recommended.

No Table Shooting.

No Jacketed Bullets!

Mosin Nagant Rifle Deron  2013-05-13

1950 and Older Military Guns

Any Rifle that was used by the Military from 1950 and back. These will be shot at 250 Yards AND 500 Yards.

Shot ~ Off Hand ~ No Table Shooting.

No Extra Shooting Equipment - OTHER THAN - The Rifle Sling, Recoil Pads, Basic Leather Gloves.

Scopes: Period Appropriate or Replicas There of.


AR15 Golf

AR's with any size magazines you would like to use.

We recommend you bring an extra ammo filled magazine for quick change if your magazine holds less than 18 rounds of ammo.


Check our page here, 'Shooting Golf Course', at this site for the idea of what we are talking about....

This will be a timed event. But the time will go backwards, ie, you will only have so much time to shoot 18 Golf Balls within that time frame.

Sites or Scopes of your choice.

(shooters can use other guns ~ just remember, others will be using AR15's)

Gold Black 1911 s Right 2015-02-20

Six Of One ~ Half Dozen Of Another

This is a Pistol Class.

Bring Your Favorite Pistol AND 200 Rounds of Ammo.

We will be shooting at Steel Targets.

This Class is an Elimination Class....meaning you will be shooting against another shooter, shooting at their own set of the same type steel targets, shooting at the same time.

Winners of each round will shoot against one another until the fastest shooter has won.

Accuracy, more than speed, is KEY!

You may use as many rounds in your magazines as you like. We recommend you bring at least one extra ammo filled magazine.

NOTE: We are asking you bring 200 rounds of ammo for this Class....you might be the one that shoots against several other shooters....be ready. <smiles>

Deron Glock 20 10 mil 2013-01-19


If Time Allows! There will be another Pistol Class....be prepared, but don't be disappointed if we run out of time and only have the one Pistol Class.

Next Time We Hold A Shoot Here, There WILL BE A Shotgun Classes! We just don't have time for all the Classes we would like to Shoot!


Bring A Lawn Chair

First of All, it is going to be hot, this is an OUTDOOR EVENT, PLEASE Bring your Good Humor and Best Face.

If you have Shade, like a Tent Type Shade, PLEASE Bring it to share. We do not have trees and our Shooting Range is in the sun.

We will have Drinks.....but if you drink a certain type of drink bring your own to make sure you have it...and you will want several, it will be outdoors and hot.

PLEASE Bring your own Lawn Chair.

Guns. Check the Classes Above and Decide for yourself what guns YOU want to bring to participate.

Ammo. Ammo per gun. Bring at least 50 Rounds of Ammo for EACH of your guns, EXCEPT Pistol, bring a minimum of 200 Rounds for that Class, (you may or may not need that much). BRING ENOUGH AMMO for EACH of the guns you will shoot, FOR EACH CLASS YOU SHOOT.

Ear & Eye Protection. Shooters Ear and Eye Protection.

Bug Spray <?> July is Summer. Summer = Bugs. We have animals out here. We also have bugs. You might want to bring protection.

Sun Protection: Sunscreen, Hats, Shade.... AGAIN, THIS IS AN OUTDOOR EVENT. OUTDOORS INCLUDING LUNCH OUTDOORS. Please Be Prepared.


Scrambled Eggs

It may not be fancy, and it won't look like this photo, and we will be eating outdoors, but a Light Breakfast and then Later, Lunch will be provided after the shoot. Menu May Change....


Marna with New PINK Ar15 built by Deron 2016.02.07

Keep Practicing!

We hope to host more Shoots out here in the Future too! Check Back and Let Us know how you like(d) the shoot here and what Classes YOU would like to see us host....but know we are somewhat Independent and Have More Ideas than time for them and we also have MORE Ideas for the Future Shoots too. <smiles & winks>

We are tentatively planning a "Leadtober Fest ~ Beer & Brats" Shoot for October 1, 2016.

Thanks for reading this!


July 10th is the "Bowling Pin" Shoot at the Spearfish Shooting Range with the "Prairie Thunder" Shooting Club. Many of you will find this a great group and a fun shoot! You might want to plan for it.



I had a Great Time.....We Sure Hope Every One Else Did Too!

I hated that we got a late start. The wind was blowing too danged hard to paint the day before....so we started about 40 minutes late....Again; I am sorry to all the folks that got up extra early to be here on time...

The classes went a bit slow, for our first time/event shooting out here.

The cameras over heated....and so did some of us....but all in all, a wonderful time. We learned some things for the next shoot. Dave suggested boxes for our Tablets so we could see them better outdoors.... And, as far as the Cameras, we knew, we knew.... Dang It, but we will also be building boxes for the cameras.

We did HOWEVER!, learn a lot to help make the next shoot here a bit better, like how we might move the Courses Of Fire a bit faster between shooters and Courses. We also learned to have someone else take photos, we got so few with all the running around and setting up and such.

We had Prizes....

1000 yard
was verified by Dave and Jim (thanks guys!) and won by Tom. He took home a pound Reloading Powder.

Long Distance
took a little longer than planned. This is where the cameras had enough heat and decided not to play any more. Deron drove out and marked each back board and steel target with a marker to keep track. Cheryl won this class and took home a Leather Pouch with Two Boxes of 223 Ammo and 10 Stripper Clips and One Spoon for an AR15.

AR Golf
, as everyone found out was harder to shoot than it sounds. At times the balls would fall off if the RR Tie was hit. Deron counted....for the score...the balls that were Shot Off, not the ones that fell off when the RR Tie was hit. Jim won this Course and did it pretty Dog Goned Fast! He took home a Leather Pouch with a Dice Game, Dice have an AR15 rather than a dot for the ONE Dot, as well as a ParaCord Keychain Decked Out with Accessories, such as Flashlight, Tools, Can Opener and more.

6 of One ~ Half Dozen Of Another
was Chicken Egg Sized Steel Plates set up for two shooters to shoot at once...and those targets are not so easy to hit either. But Jim took that class too. Seems he is as good with a Hand Gun as he is with a Rifle. For this Course he won a Brown Uplalu and another Decked Out Cord Keychain (slightly different stuff, but same idea).

We had a

Winners Box
. Everyone got one ticket put into it and then each Winner per Course got another ticket into it. It was a Drawing. The Winner, April, won an AR16 Lower, that Tom will FFL Paper Work for her.

And. We had a

Whiners Box
. Every Loser per Course got to put their name inside it. Andy won the drawing from this box and took home a Keg Of Hot Cheese.

July Shoot 2016-07-09 Shooting Event 2016-07-09 Shoot Set Up 2016-07-09 Long Distance 2016-07-09 Deron 2016-07-09 July Parched On The Prairie Shoot 2016-07-09 July Shoot 1000 Yards Shoot 2016-07-09 New Shade Tent For Shoot 2016-07-09 July 2016 Shoot Prizes Dice x 2 for Prizes Reloading Powder Brown Uplula Anderson AR15 Lower Cabela Bison Cheese Crock

-- The Far Out Guns Team
Fri, 01 Apr 2016 10:46:00 -0400