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Stump Gongs Targets 2015-03-07

Deron and I live waaaay out on the Prairie and the soil here is what they call Gumbo Soil, or Benoite or Betonite, or what I call Dinosaur Poop! When it gets wet, there is no walking or driving on it. It is kinda like clay, only worse. They take parts of it and make that Clumpy Kitty Little they now sell. So when it rains, we are stuck here and stuck inside the house.

We also get winds that are called 'Hurricane Force Winds' elsewhere in the Country/World. Here 50 MPH winds are very normal in the Winter. They really don't even mention wind on our news here, in the Winter, unless they are above 55 MPH.

So. Many times Deron and I will step out on the porch to shoot a new gun, or just because we feel like shooting. Our Front Porch is about 50 foot from the porch. But when it is wet, or really windy...we are many times, depending on the direction of the wind, are protected by the house.

Targets become an issue. I used to walk out and put some type of water target out there to shoot for Targets. Or throw a Dog Toy, ie Tennis Ball, out to shoot at, around, hit. Then I got an idea...

New 300 yd Gong 2013-07-10 New 300 yd Gong Side 2013-07-10

Deron had mounted some Gongs unto some 4" x 4" Posts so that they were not against it, but had room to move and give a loud "ding". We have these Stumps/Tree Bottom Cut Offs out here that I used to set Water Targets on and could move around the Shooting Range.

Green Stump Target 2015-03-07

I asked Deron to please mount a couple of 8" Gongs unto the Stumps, to be left out here a ways off the Front Porch (oh so what, we ARE Red Necks, Hard Working, Tax Paying, God Fearing, Red Necks) so that if it were raining, or the wind was blowing (many times the house blocks the wind from the porch) we could walk out and shoot.

If I set one of the Stump Gongs out a bit further, and since the Gongs we bought are made for Rifle Shooting too, 1/2" thick, whatever steel they need to be for Rifles, we could shoot Rifles out here off the porch too.

We are giving you ideas and information that works for us. We can NOT be held responsible for your use of our ideas. We are not there to see your Target "build", your building abilities, the equipment you choose to use to build your own Targets, nor your guns, your shooting abilities or your metal ability (if you are stupid enough to shoot without ear and eye protection and stand close to your Targets. Or if you build your Targets as you use phrases like "That'll do.", or "That Should Hold 'er", or "Let's just try this."). Please keep safety above all and Have Fun. But YOU are on YOUR own in your own Shooting Ranges!


We had a Stump or what was a stump, or lower, fatter part of a cut down tree, so call it a Trunk Stump Piece, we had the 8" Round Gong and Deron bought the 1/2" x 5" Lag Strews. And mounted the Gongs. He did not have all the pieces to put it together the way he would like to, but it worked GREAT and made a fun Target to Shoot!

You do have to choose the side of the Stump to attach your Gong to so that when shooting it, with anything over a 40 cal., the Stump will stand. Note that Deron used the sides that have the shorter or less stump for the front, so that the backs have more support on the ground for standing when struck.

photos and more information coming soon.....

The contents of this page for Stump Gongs is still under construction. Please check back later.

-- The Far Out Guns Team
Fri, 06 Mar 2015 09:59:07 -0500