Martini-Henry Rifle - Quigly Match

My husband, Deron, has been planning to shoot the Quigley Match in Montana for a couple of years now. Last year we got a lot of rain and got stuck out here on this Gumbo Soil we have. We were not able to go.

Marna's Martini Henry Rifle 2015-02-12 Martini-Henry Rifle Manual

This coming year I plan to shoot it too. A good friend of ours gave me this beautiful Martini Henry Rifle and a Tang Site for it. We plan to put a new and longer barrel on it for 45-70. I am not sure if I will do much else to it. I really like the look of it.

I went and bought the book/manual that is shown here in the photo. I would like to learn more about the gun. I might decide to do nothing more to it than clean and shoot it. Just enjoy it in it's old style beauty.

more to come as the gun changes

The Matthew Quigley Buffalo Rifle Match

What is the Matthew Qyigley Buffalo Rifle Match? In short, it is a Long Distance Shooting Match, named after a fictional character from the Movie "Quigley Down Under". In the match you may only use single shot, point 375 diameter or larger, lead bullet, no optics.

From the Quigley Match Website: "The idea for the Quigley Match was born on the drive back home to Forsyth from Miles City, MT, by Al Lee and Earnie Cornett after seeing the movie "Quigley Down Under" starring Tom Selleck."

more as I practice shooting long distance and the match grows closer....


Marna's Quigley Shoot Dress Marna's Black Corset Quigley Shoot

Many people wear costumes to the Quigley Shoot. Either the same Time Period Costumes or Costumes that are like the Characters in the Movie 'Quigley Down Under' (downundeer). The costumes add fun to the week end, as well as become a conversation starter between shooters.

Marna Dressed Up Shooting 2015-03-18 Marna Dressed UP for Quigley Shhot - Dress Rehersal

This is a dress I bought to wear to the Shoot. I also bought a corset, and straw hat that I will add Black ribbon to, as well as a Black Tie Down.

more on our costumes and costumes at the Match in general coming soon.....

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