Deron's Bowling Alley

Nothing should go to waste. Not shot up Bowling Pins, nor Swing Sets, nor Shade Frames, these items can make fun targets!

This idea came from a Shooting Buddy of ours, Craig, he also taught us how to cast bullets. The year before Kraig won the Bowling Pin Shoot that the Spearfish Gun Club hosted....and that is a big deal! There were many shooters and many very good shooters. Not only that, but those Bowling Pins, especially after they have been shot and are holding a bunch of bullets, don't fall like you would thing they should or what would make sense.

So Craig was telling us that his grandchildren had outgrown their Swing Set and that he had come up with a way to hang Bowling Pins to practice Target Shooting at them. WHAT A GREAT IDEA.

Car Port Fly - Shade Frame Blake and Orion Put Together Shade Frame

I have this old, I bought it home used, Shade Frame. Like you set up this tent frame out of metal and add a big tarp. Deron has never liked it. Why? I am not sure. But anyway, it was in pieces and setting here, so Deron got the idea of how he could cut it up and make a Swing Set Bowling Alley.

These are Deron's sons who, one year, put the Shade Frame/Car Port together and it was hot out and a lot of work, so they were pretty proud when they finished. So was I, of them! It WAS hot that day.

Pin Setter Frame 2012-05-03

As you can see from the photos he cut the legs down so that they set stands about 5' tall. In the Competition Shoot on Bowling Pins they were set on a table about 4 1/2' - 5' tall. Deron made the top a twin peek and Bowling Pins will hang from both peeks.

Painting Pin Setter 2013-05-04 Still Painting

Then he spent a while painting the frame so that it would look nice for the bullets coming at it.

BowlingPinTied 2013-05-04 Pin Setter Close Up

Deron drilled each of the Bowling Pins and added I-Bolts (that should be called "O" bolts) to each one so that he could hang them to the top of the Frame with Parachute Cord.

Pistol Range Left 2013-05-04 Pin Setter Complete 2013-05-04

My husband is quite cleaver! I love how he put in TWO rolls of Bowling Pins! And you can see how TRE (TRE=Target Rich Environment) our Shooting Range is (this is a photo of the left side only of the Pistol Range).

Deron Shooting  2013-05-04

Deron shooting the pins, of course the photo did not show how they flew when he hit them with his 40 Cal one after the other.


Did our new Bowling Pin Targets Help Us Shoot Better at Competition???

YES! Of Course Practice Helps! The old saying "Practice Makes Perfect!". Here are a few photos from June 9, 2013 at the Bowling Pin Shoot put on by the Spearfish (SD) Gun Club.

Deron Knocking Them Down 2013-06-09 Blake Knocking Them Down 2013-06-09 Blake & Marna Load Make Ready 2013-06-09 Marna & Blake Shooting Bowling Pins 2013-06-09 Marna Flying First Hit 2013-06-09 Marna Smoked Em 2013-06-09 Kraig Knocking Them Down 2013-06-09


-- The Far Out Guns Team
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