101 Uses For Ammo Shells

So you have shot your gun and there on the ground is a Shell/Brass/Case. Don't just walk away from them. Animals and children are drawn to them and could choke, but also know that you are littering by leaving it lay. Be kind to the environment and pick up your shells/brass even if you do not want them for yourself.

Here are some ideas for uses of the shotgun shells brass from rifles and pistols that should not be left on the ground. Be sure to clean the items before using for other projects.

Most of these ideas I came up with. Please do not steal these ideas and use them without permission. Give credit where credit is due.

Have you ever wondered just where the idea for "Shot Glasses" came from? Here they are, 101 Uses for Ammo Shells.

Shotgunshell Checkers

1. Reload. Reload the Shells/Brass and use the ammo again. Be sure to learn to do this correctly with the correct equipment.

2. If you do not reload, pick up your shells/brass and give it to someone that does.

3. Sell them to someone that would love to have them to reload them.

4. Drill holes in the top side and make a charm for a necklace out of it.

5. Look for directions on line and make an Ink Pen with your larger Brass and or Shotgun Shells.

6. Shotgun Shells can be made into really cute and fun Christmas or other Holiday/Party Lights.

7. There are directions on line of how to make a Santa Clause Ornament with a used Shotgun Shell.

8. Make Pocket Knives with the Shell/Brass as the fold into side.

9. Craft the game of Chess Pieces with different types and sizes.

10. Make a Holiday Wreath using the shells and or brass as the main decor within.

11. Deron and I grab up the first one out of a new shooters new guns and make Keychains for that shooter.

12. Drill holes to make a charm for a bracelet.

13. Drill holes in the top side and with a jump ring add that into a Survival Bracelet.

14. Use two different color Shotgun Shells, cut and file down to size. Make the Placement Pieces for the game of Checkers out of them. This is especially fun when shooting friends come over and play.

Shotgun Shell Cuff Links

15. Take the bottom metal part of the Shotgun Shell off the plastic. Make Cuff Links with two of them. You might buy just the jewelry parts of use and old pair of cuff links that you no longer wear to make the new Shotgun Cuff Links.

16. Make a Hat Rack or Jacket Rack with Shotgun Shells.

17. Drop a few just off to the side of your front and back door. It will make people think before trying to sell you something or break in to steal...on the flip side of that, the thieves may figure you have guns to steal.

18. Make a charm bracelet using the brass and the metal out of the shotgun shells.

19. Save your shotgun shell cases and make a picture with them, using them arranged and glued down in the form of something, like a duck or lab, or gun or anything your heart desires.

20. Use a Shotgun Shell for a small bouquet of flowers.

21. Make a light fiture using brass and LED lights. It will be unique and LEDs use less electric and still give a lot of light.

22. Make a flashlight using a Shotgun Shell, LED light and...well, the guts for a Flashlight.

23. Fill a Brass Shell with silicone or use glue from a glue gun, on the end add a small nail, this will make a cute Push Pin for your cork board.

Ceiling Fan Pulls - Shotgun Shell

24. Add Chain to the center of a Shotgun Shell for a fun Ceiling Fan Pull.

25. If you have a Flea Circus you can use a shell or case for a swimming pool for your pets.

26. Add to a Belt Buckle.

27. Make charms for earrings either with the cases or the metal piece off the shotgun shell...or both.

28. There are so many ways to use these to make keychains. They are fun for yourself or can be used as gifts.

29. Make a ring with the metal part of a shotgun shell.

30. Make a Bollo for a Tie with a Shotgun Shell or just the metal part off of a shotgun shell or with brass.

31. Attach the metal from shotgun shells to the top side of flattened wooden drawer pulls.

32. Use shotgun shells for molds for small candles.

33. Make a tiny bucket out of brass for a doll house.

34. Use to dig a tiny hole.

35. Use a Shotgun Shell and tiny flowers with a pin glued to the back as a Boutonniere. Or, add some brass to a larger flower for a Boutonniere.

36. Using two shotgun shells. Cut the metal piece off one to use for a top/lid on the other. Make a little container.

37. Make Tie Tacs.

38. Make Hat Pins.

39. Using the metal of a Shotgun Shell, make a necklace by cutting about 3" of a deer antler, file down the antler to fit into the shell.

40. Use bras and or shotgun shells as "dangleis" around a hanging light, call it a Chandelier. Make sure your plastic from shotgun shell cases are not touching the light itself.

41. Glue several shotgun shell cases together add a bow and a hook and call it a Redneck Christmas Ornament.

Brass and Beads Earrings

42. Add beads and make earrings with ammo brass.

43. Add shotgun shells to your lanyard next to your duck or goose calls.

44. String brass sideways and make a bracelet.

45. Use a 45 case for your pet fly to hide in.

46. Give a bucket full of brass (clean of course) to a bored kid to count. And for the stupid people (most of us you would not have to tell)....have the child wash their hands after.

47. Take the primer out and put a gem stone into a shotgun metal piece and make a ring for yourself or your lover.

48. Drill two holes in the primer end about 1/8" down from that end. Drill them so that a chain or ring can go through it to hang. Add a bullet to the other end, but no powder or fresh primer please. Make a necklace.

49. Do the same as number 48 but make a bracelet out of the same bullet and case.

50. Make zipper pulls.

51. Hide itty bitty items in them in your home.

52. Glue or sew onto a plastic Head Band.

53. Using many pieces of brass and a piece of wood, glue brass onto the wood in a shape. You might want to paint or shellac your wood before adding the brass. Call it art.

54. Use longer rifle brass rather than bone beads as piece for tribal jewelry.

Deron's 2012 Christmas Stocking Camo Christmas Stocking with Red Lace

55. Drill holes in the shells and use it for trim on fabrics.

56. Drill holes and sew unto your gun cases for fast and easy identification.

57. Use for ambiance around a gun for a photo.

58. Use a handful for a game of Hide and Seek...let the seeker know how many cases/shells to look for before they head out. This could be an indoor or outdoor game....think Easter Egg Hunt.

59. Use your favorite caliber case/shell for YOUR Monopoly Game Piece.

60. Find a small bead and using three shells/cases make a Shell Game.

61. Using a glue gun glue shells and or cases all around a flower pot.

62. Add string to a few and use for shade/curtain pulls.

63. Put a larger one over your finger and use it to squish a bug.

64. Pop out the primers and with wire, make a small sculpture.

65. Carry in your pocket to remind you of the fun you had out on the range.

66. Add brush bristles for shaving or make up.

67. Use in place of digits on a clock. You might even use a larger caliber on the 12, 3, 6 and 9.

68. Decorate a Picture Frame. Use a glue gun to set your shells/cases.

69. Make a charm and slide on your shoe ties on down between grommets.

Mosin Key Chain

70. Cut and file a shotgun shell down to size and make a thimble.

71. Decorate a collar with shells or cases that have been drilled so that you might sew them onto the fabric.

72. Decorate the cuff of a stocking hat.

73. Fill a large glass vase with polished brass and stainless steel cases.

74. Fill a large glass bowl with cleaned different colored shotgun shells.

75. If you are not reloading, if you do not know someone that reloads, if you do not know anyone that is not using the cases/shells for crafts, take them down to the recycling center, you might make a buck. At least it will keep them out of the environment.

76. Use them for trade to someone that would like to have them.

77. Make wood and shell targets for your shooting range.

78. Drill holes in cases or shells and use them to help decorate a package for a shooter. You could sew them to the ribbon or glue them to the paper.

79. Make a USB Drive with a Shotgun Shell.

80. Make a Rear View Mirror trinket.

81. Pop out the primer and with wire, replace a ringer in a goat/dog bell.

82. Use for a pattern to make a small circle.

83. Any Caliber Pistol round case cleaned out could become a Beer Mug for a Pixie.

84. Melt down and use the brass for other items.

85. Rivet the metal pieces off Shotgun Shells to a leather purse.

86. Use a pistol case for a scoop for food for your pet roach.

87. Make a wooden Cribbage Board with holes large enough for 22 shells to fit in as placement markers.

88. Make charms out of different caliber cases. Put these on hoop earrings and use them for wine glass markers.

89. Make a Wind Chime out of different color and gauges of Shotgun Shells.

90. Drill holes in Pistol Cases and use them as Buttons.

91. Use ever getting larger calibers of pistol cases to stretch your earlobes, call the cases, ear plugs.

92. Throw a few up against a wall, play with friends, see who can bounce the wall, but still stay close to the wall. Closest one wins round.

93. Use 10 45 shells rather than Jacks with a Bouncing Ball.

Rifle Case Belt

94. Make into a charm and hang from your dogs collar with it's tags. A Shotgun Shell might not be a good idea for a Chihuahua.

95. Maybe only on October 31, place a bunch of cases around and within a plastic skull for decor.

96. Use as, or rather than beans, in a Bean Bag for games.

97. Make a pouch that is about 6" x 10". Put a very sturdy strap on this, fill the pouch with cases and shells and sew it shut. You now have a weapon you can take anywhere with you....well, maybe not the Airport.

98. With wire, make a stick man out of cases and or shells. Paint a face on the head and maybe add a hat. With the wire it will be possible.

99. Pop out the primers on a few 45 ACP shells. Replace with a wire that has a loop on the inside with a ringer (think bell) and a loop (ring) on the outside. Hang several on an Ankle Bracelet and enjoy the ring.

100. Pop the primers out of your favorite rifle case brass, weave those into your belt. Don't forget, too thick of a weaving string will add size to your belt.

101. Put several 22 cases inside a clean and dry soda/beer can. Use duct tape to close the lid. Use as a shake/throw can to train your dogs.

-- The Far Out Guns Team
Tue, 09 Apr 2013 14:17:56 -0400