Girl's Guns


By now any gal interested in a Custom Gun of her own has seen the Pink (and or other colored) Guns. I love the Pink Guns. I own Pink Guns. However, there is more you can do to a gun to make it a Girl's Gun, than just painting it Pink, and without spending a fortune. And remember, not just Pink, if you want another color, you can probably find something to add that color to your Gun or Gun Items. Just keep looking and asking around.

My husband and I recently bought Glocks. We have found we really like Glocks. <grins> But I like Pink Guns and will probably have a PINK GLOCK before too long. I did however also find some great accessories that will "girl up your Glock" and make it your own, for not a whole lot of money.

Pink Glock Girl Rear Slide Piece

I have a couple of these Pink Rear Slide Covers for my Glocks. When I saw them, I HAD TO HAVE ONE! Here is the thing about guns. One looks like another of the same type, so when you set yours down, when shooting with friends, you might have to check the serial number (if you know yours that is; and you sure should have that written down and with you) to see who's gun is whom's. Or is it Whom's is Who's???? or Who's is Who's? Anyway, something like these little extra parts can sure make YOUR gun, not only a Girl's Gun, but it will make it stand out against the others in the shooting range. When I put my Pink Glock Girl Rear Slide Piece on my gun and shoot it, I though my gun shot better <winks>. I also have another Rear Slide Piece that is a Pink with a Horse.

These Rear Slide replacements come in a lot of different colors, I have seen Pink, Purple, Blue, Black, Red, Orange, and they have all different kinds of sayings and or photos on them. You could even get your name or logo if you wanted.

These make GREAT gifts for someone that has everything. Most people do not know about them and most shooters will be not only thrilled to own one, and would love to make their Glock stand out against others.

And men, listen up, it is little things like these that will make a Shooting Companion out of your wife or girlfriend. Little fun surprises for her. Girls, all most every single human female, wants her "stuff" to be a bit different and a bit feminine.

Glock Handle Lipstick Holder

Ok, for a guy, this Bottom of the Handle Cap is a great place for another bullet. Actually, for many of us Women Shooters, it might also hold an extra round of ammo. But. Remember those little Lipsticks, the little bitty ones, they used to be Avon Samples? Now how cute would that be tucked away in this compartment? (make sure the cap of the lipstick is on very tight before shooting with one inside your gun, no guarantees it will not come open) But,Yes. I bought a couple of these items too. Wanna here the best part? They actually will keep your gun cleaner on the inside and cost less than $10!

So you are shooting at the Range, flirting with some Target Hitter, and after you shoot, you coyly pull out your lipstick and put some on and smile. Ah, the art of flirtation. <grins>

25acp pistol 2012-05-19

You have to love these Pink Handle Grips. They come in other colors too as well as many gun sizes and are not very expensive. Not only do they look great, they make some guns easier to hang on to also. I have a few of these.

Tucked Belt for potty times pink gun holsterPetkoff Holster Glock 35 2

A Pink Holster can dress up a gun too.

Pink Rifle Strap Pink Gun Sling

Another fun idea is a Shoulder Strap for your Rifle in any color you choose. You could make these yourself or find them for sale on line.

AmmoPurse1 2012-05-23

Need "girly" items for your gun supplies? How about a leather coin purse, in your choice of color for your cartridges?

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Here are a few photos of some knives I own.
(more photos coming)

Pink Camo Gun Knife

This is probably my favorite Pink Knife. It is not the one I use here on the Ranch/Farm (must have serrated edges for hay bales), but I really love it. This one is in my GHB.

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