Your Gun Journal

It is a good idea to have your guns recorded, even if you only own one gun, but especially if you own multiple guns or if you visit the Gun Range often or if you Compete. We all lay our guns down on those tables or chairs or.... This way you will remember what you have and know the serial numbers of your guns if you are ever at a range and there is a question of who owns what guns (ie, if someone tries to claim your gun). The size of your own Gun Journal will of course be decided by how much you want to record in it, how many guns you own, what other information you would like to record inside of your Journal.

I keep a Gun Journal. It is just a hardback journal with notes for myself. Hardback is going to remain in "good shape" longer than just a spiral soft cover notebook, but different types will work well for different people. I keep a couple of pages for the guns we own and in who's name they are registered. It has the date I bought them, the type of gun it is, and the serial number....not the price I paid. I carry this Gun Journal with us when we leave. That way, God Forbid, if our home were broken into I could/am able to report the guns missing along with the serial numbers that were stolen. Some people, shame on them, are very good with breaking into Safes.

I also staple tags off guns we buy, mostly used guns. I also staple person and business cards from people I know pertaining to guns. I might have a "Wish List" or two in the Journal as well as any changes made to guns listed on another page.

I tuck Gun Show and Gun Club/Range Event Flyers into the pages so that I have all the information with me when the Shows come around and I know when and where and how much it is to get in. Tucked in the Gun Journal I also have the information with us if we tell others about an upcoming event.

You of course can add any other type of information you would like to record in your Gun Journal.

Our Gun Purchase Receipts and Manuals are kept in a Filing Cabinet. Not in the Journal. On that, it is always a very good idea to have a Manual for each and every gun you own. When selling that gun you can pass on the Manual and the new owner may be a bit safer.....if they read the Manual. At least they will know how to break the gun down for cleaning.

If nothing else keep a slip of paper in your wallet or vehicle with the serial numbers of the guns you own so that, God Forbid, your home was broke into, you lost your gun, or someone tried to claim your gun, you would have the information RIGHT THERE WITH YOU for proof of ownership.

-- The Far Out Guns Team
Tue, 20 Nov 2012 10:27:46 -0500