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PinkLadies 2012-04-29

Remember the old saying "You can not judge a book by it's cover."? The same could be said of guns, "You can not judge a gun by it's color." Guns come in a variety of colors. Pink Guns are nothing new, they are just by far, more popular within the last few years. Why are there so many Pink Guns now days? Because "Chicks Dig Um!" Gun Companies have found a market nitch and ladies have found something fun for the Shooting Range. But as I said above "You can not judge a GUN by it's COLOR.".

I own several Pink (as well other color) Guns. If I am buying a gun and Pink is an option, you bet it is the one I am going to get my money out for. Why? I like Pink. When I raced Sled Dogs years ago my colors, yes my team was color coordinated, were Black with Neon Pink and Neon Yellow. But further back yet, when I had that big box of crayons my Favorite Crayon was the, what was called at the time, Hot Pink.

Charter Arms Lavender Lady Pair  2013-05-18 Ruger LCP 380

By The Way....guns come in many colors. I own many different colored guns. The two revolvers show here, one is a 38 and the other a 32 H&R.

I have seen semi autos in Yellow, Purple, Blue, Berry, Olive Drab (OD), Tan, Brown, of course Black, as well as Pink at Gun Shows for sale. So if you like color, but not Pink, there is still a gun out there for you.


Please scroll down for Shooting Tips For Lady Shooters and more Color Guns.

Taurus 2012-05-11 TaurusTCPs

I like Taurus Guns. When I bought my first, in Black, I was looking for a small gun to carry and conceal. While shopping at two different Gun Shops two different men shooters saw what I was looking for and suggested the Taurus TCP 380. I had looked at many, the Taurus was nice, less expensive, and had been recommended twice in one day. I bought one. We brought it home and Deron and I each shot a clip of six. Right out of the box, our first couple of clips, we were hitting Chicken Eggs off the top of a one gallon Milk Jug at 35'. Not bad. So. I knew that Taurus made these little guns in Pink. Deron decided that the little gun was so nice he might like to carry it. So he bought me a Pink one and I have carried it, in the little case it came in on my hip ever since.

Deron bought a Taurus 40 Cal. Deron is ambidextrous with his left hand dominate. He wanted a 40 cal that was set for left hand shooting. We, again, shopped and shopped. He decided on the Taurus, since it is set up ambidextrous and we were/are so pleased with the TCPs. Once we got it home and shot it, we were sold on Taurus. Again..... they used to make a 40 cal in Pink, and I wanted one. Since they no longer make the guns, and since few people want to part with theirs, the Pink Taurus 40 was on my "wish list". It was not easy to find. But we are both pleased with the way the gun shoots and I of course love the color.

Deron and I have many rounds through our Taurus Guns and have had no problems with them, any of them, at all. We now own several Taurus guns and recommend them to others.

Marna's CZ82 Marna's CZ82 sites

My CZ82. Deron found this gun, already painted, on an Online Gun Auction website. We bought it cheap and I love the gun. It is a 380 cal and the shells shoot out from the side at about 30'. That just makes this gun a "little special". This is an inexpensive gun that was made about the 1970's but is classified Curio and Relic, why? Don't know. But if you need a nice little well made inexpensive semi automatic gun that shoots 380 cal. cartridges, this would be a nice gun. I find it accurate, very little recoil, it is easy to clean, easy to load the magazine and of course, I love that mine is painted pink. Deron also found that accessories, such as magazines and holsters, are also inexpensive. And as you can see, they can be painted any color YOU would like to have, or you could just leave your CZ82 black. <wink>

Walthers vs SigSaur 22 pistols

I have two nice Pink 22 Pistols. Deron and I compete with these with a local Gun Club. Yes. When a gun is this nice, men will shoot them. Which do we prefer? Really, they are both nice. The feel of the Sig Sauer in your hands is more like a larger caliber gun and great for Target Practice. The Walthers P22 is a nice gun, really fits in any hand well, but for those with small hands, especially nice. It is a lighter weight gun than the Sig Sauer. Both have nice sites and shoot very nice and smooth. Both each hold 10 in the magazine.

Both of these guns come in other colors including black. I believe that the Walthers comes in more color choices and in fact comes in three different Pinks including, Neon, Soft (often nick named Peptol Bismol) and Pink Digital Camo.

When you are shopping for a 22 Semi Automatic Pistol shop around. You might be surprised at all the choices. There are also other Gun Manufacturers that offer Pink 22's.

more coming soon

 SURPRISE Pink Taurus Millennium 9 mm

There is a story behind this Taurus Millennium PT111 9 mil pistol. I had wanted one for a while. You just can't find them in Pink. Again, they still make this model of gun in Black, but not in Pink. So I searched the Internet quite often looking to see if one had come up for sale. FINALLY I found one. And Deron had not been paid for contract work he had finished. So. There was no way I could bid on this gun. But I watched it.

Deron and I went to Rapid City and of course went by Cabella's. We know a lot of the people that work there in the Gun Dept. So Deron was standing there taking and one of the Salesmen had a box, held up a Pink Gun and Deron pushed me forward! Deron had bid and won the Pink Millennium and I can not tell you how thrilled, excited and surprised I was/am! I could hardly wait to get home, clean the gun and shoot it.

This is a nice sized gun for a woman to grip and shoot. It has less recoil than I thought it might for the size of the gun. Way less than I expected for the size of the gun. So of course I was very pleased. I had trouble the first couple of rounds out of this gun. The sites are different than any I had used in the past. I only hit two out of ten targets I had set up for the 10 cartridge clip this gun comes with. HOWEVER, Deron shot it next and his first round, the first time he shot the gun, he hit eight out of ten targets. It was certainly not the gun, but me getting used to the new type of sites. With practice I have become pretty accurate shooting this gun.

This gun comes in Black and if you can find one out there for sale, Pink. Or you could or course paint one any color you desire. But it is a nice gun to shoot and small enough for most people to carry. Personally for the money, I like the Taurus guns. Deron and I have an awful lot of rounds through ours with no problems at all.

25acp pistol 2012-05-19

There are a few ways to "Pink A Gun". One way is to simply buy Grips or Grip Sleeve. This is my little 25 cal that I bought at a Pawn Store for less than $100 and added a Grip Sleeve to. You can purchase the Grip Sleeves on line or in Gun Stores. You can also paint a gun, any color you wish, but you do NEED to use the correct paint for guns. You can not just buy a can of spray paint at the Hardware Store and have at it. You also need to take the gun apart to paint it.

much more to come

Rose Painted Pistol

I do not own this gun, I have not shot this gun, but it is however on my "Wish List". What woman shooter would not like to have these roses brought to her for a gift?

Pink Shooting Accessories

Shooting Pink!

There are now a lot of Shooting Accessories a person can buy that are PINK! From Earmuffs to Shooting Bags, Gun Bags to T-Shirts, Pink Shotgun Shells, Pink Shooting Clothing, Pink Shooting Glasses, Pink Ear Plugs, Jackets, just look and you will be surprised how much fun a person that likes the color PINK can have for on the Shooting Range.

much more to come

Jewelry For Sale At Our On Line Store

Gun Jewelry 2012-04-29 CAMO PRINT CHRISTMAS STOCKING (stock  sto 1) Pink Survival Bracelet

If you enjoy Pink Guns you might just want to see the Jewelry we make here in our NW SD USA non smoking home and offer for sale in our on line store here at this site. Not just jewelry, other items you might enjoy or get a kick out of too. Have a look. We only charge shipping on one item, not matter how many items you purchase per order, you only pay shipping on one item (the heaviest of course). So shop away....the photo only shows a few of the items we will be offering. Jewelry and more in our on lone store.


 Marna Shooting 4570 Marlin  2015-02-08

Some things are different for us lady shooter than it is for men shooters. I thought I might list some of the things I have learned that have helped me carry a gun at all times as well as shoot. I am sure this list will be growing the more time I spend with my guns.

Keep in mind. Shooting is shooting is shooting. There are just a few things different between the sex of a shooter. The bigger the breasts, the smaller the hands, the more different it might become.

Extra Belt Loops Holstered Pants

I added extra loops to my pants so that the gun stays more secure as I carry. It makes me feel better about the gun and how it is riding on my side. I used 1" poly webbing, for my jeans I used blue webbing.

Tucked Belt for potty times

Every time we need to potty, we have to pull the pants, holding the gun down. Here is what I came up with to hold that gun in place while my "pants were down". I tuck the belt end back in and under the last loop on my pants so that it keeps the belt or gun from moving.

Rifle Shotgun Bra Recoil Pads 2012-08-31

When shooting rifles and shotguns I like to wear a Recoil Pad but I did not want to spend what shooter stores were asking for the type of recoil pads I did not think would work well for my build. So I came up with this one that tucks into a bra strap (left or right) and when you pull up the gun, the pad is right where it is needed to be. This pad is comfortable that a gal could wear it all day long and not be bothered by it. I often forget it is on when we come back in from shooting.

Ankle Holster

If you have poor circulation, or if you are on the Birth Control Pill, it is probably not a good idea to wear an ankle holster. An Ankle Holster needs to be a bit snug, so it might keep your blood from flowing well if you have poor circulation. If you are on "the pill" you know that your risk for blood clots increases, an Ankle Holster might not be a good idea since it needs to fit snug and might impede circulation in your foot and legs.

Marna with Mosin Nagant 2012-06-11

Tie your hair back when shooting. I know. Sounds so simple and with common sense... but everyone with longer hair that shoots should have it pulled back and out of the way when shooting. This is true for shooting anything, not just guns. You can see in this photo how my hair is blowing. Imagine if it were not tied back with me trying to aim and shoot.

Take your time shooting. Don't let anyone hurry you to pull the trigger. When that bullet comes out of that gun, you and you alone are responsible for where it hits. Don't let anyone hurry you to pull that trigger. Take your time, aim correctly, check the backdrop (around the area behind where you are shooting) take your breath and shoot when you are ready.

NewPistols 2012-05-19

Don't let others choose your gun. Buy and or Carry a gun you are comfortable with and fits your hand. If you are more comfortable with a 22 caliber handgun, shoot and carry that gun. Do not let others talk you into carrying or shooting guns that are more power than you are comfortable with.

More Lady Shooter Ideas Coming Soon

So You Like Things To Match? Me Too!

Marna's Riding Outfit 2015-02-15

There are several ways to have matching items. Or, to match your gun to match what you want it to match....

I have PINK stuff to match my PINK guns. I have pink holsters, pink head ear protection, pink shooting bags, and more. But when I bought a BRIGHT Lime Green Bicycle, I had to have things to match it too. Why Lime Green? To stand out and to be seen quickly by vehicles and others while out riding.

My Pink Camelbak with my Pink TCP to match my Pink Mountain Bicycle would not do when riding my Neon Green Bicycle. Deron bought me the Yellow/Orange/Reflective Camelbak you see in the photo. I asked for a Zombie Green handle cover for a Black TCP and if you look, you will see that on my waist.

I have guns that are Pink, Purple, Red, Dark Earth, Camo and more... and of course Black. Like most women, I like things to match. I like my accesories to POP! And there is no reason a gun/pistol can not do this too.


Our Gold Painted 1911's

Gold Black 1911s back 2015-02-20 Gold Black 1911 s Front 2015-02-20 Gold Black 1911 s Left 2011-02-20 Gold Black 1911 s Right 2015-02-20

Deron put on a "class" to teach people to build 1911's. He ordered all the frames, and parts and set up the class, set up for a FFL friend of ours to come and "do the paperwork for everyone there. He offered several times for me to build one...finally, I did. I was/am so glad I did! After we built our 1911's I wanted mine painted.

But let's back that up a bit. I have wanted to paint a few <read several> guns in the past, but it never worked out that we did. I had seen a 1911 in a Sporting Guns store that had an ORANGE Frame. I loved that gun. It caught my eye more than a few times. A friend of mine painted her 1911 Frame Purple and it really looks nice. So. I wanted to paint my 1911. But I wanted the Frame AND Slide painted.

I started thinking about colors I might want and saw a Gold Colored 1911 on the I so would love to own a Gold 50 cal Desert Eagle.

Deron and I looked into having someone do the painting and this time it all worked out. What we did was have our 1911's painted in "Opposite Mirror Images", and I LOVE how they turned out!

Doesn't mean I still don't want that Orange Framed 1911 Very Happy And I still really would love to have a CHROME 1911. Some women like I like guns.

The contents of this page for Pink Guns is still under construction. Please check back later!

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