Make Your Own 22 Thumbsaver

If I can do it, you certainly can, and probably better than what I did. But boy I had fun making my own Wathers P22 Magazine Thumbsavers. I'll tell you the truth. I had no idea why anyone would need a Thumbsaver for a 22 <????> What is the big deal about loading a 22 Magazine.

Deron and I competed in what was call a "Post Shoot"

Thumb Saver In Action 2012-09-12

It was the "Post Shoot" Competition Shoot with the Local Gun Club we belong to. There were four teams for each class, "Rim Fire" (22's) and "Center Fire" of any caliber you wanted to use. Deron took his 40 and I my CZ82 (Makarov) for the Center Fire Class. Each person shot twice, two posts per caliber, that is once against each of the other teams, and three times as a winner. Deron shot three times on each shoot. He came in 1rst and 2nd.

As a team, 6 people per, from a drawn line, with the 22 handguns in the Rim Fire Class, you shot a 2 x 4 standing in a frame til the post fell over. There was a black line painted in on each post to shoot above. You can use all the ammo you want, and you can, and we did, back one another on magazine fills (we stood behind one another and refilled the dropped magazines as they shot). I now know why they make 22 Thumb Savers. When we shot against one another, Deron and I, (each other's teams that is), I had a gal there, back me. Quite fun!

Then with the "Center Fire", and some brought big guns, the post was a 4 x 4. Again, you could back people, but Deron and I own enough magazines filled with ammo (and Thumbsavers) for those guns. We had a blast.

There is another 22 Competition two weeks after the Post Shoot. I figured I should be making my own Thumbsaver for the Walthers P22 and had a lot of fun doing it. I used wood we had here. Deron did the drilling, but I all the cutting, sanding and filing. Seriously, I had fun making it. I took photos as I went. I thought I would share the information here.

How I Made My Own 22 Thumbsaver

Thumb Saver Cutting 2012-09-10 Thumb Saver Cut 2012-09-10

I used 1/2" plywood we had here. Mine did splinter when I was filing, but I sanded it down and the finished product will work well filling ammo into my 22 Magazine. I cut off a piece of the wood, then I cut that in half, I may not have cut it too square, but it gives the piece "character". You however might want to use a hard wood for your own Thumbsaver, it should not splinter the way mine did.

Thumb Save Sanding 2012-09-11 Thumb Saver Sanded 2012-09-10

I sanded and sanded, swearing that I was building shooting muscles as I went.

Thumb Saver Marking Hole 2012-09-11

I took the actual magazine and marked the piece of wood. Deron remarked this one after I sanded, I think some of the dust was still on the top.

Thumb Saver Marking Hole 2012-09-11

Deron used a 3/8" drill bit (the biggest you can use for the size you are drilling out) after measuring the magazine to make sure the size was not too big. This is the only step of making this Thumbsaver that I did not do myself.

Thumb Saver Filing Hole 2012-09-11

I thought the sanding was building up my arms, then came the filing of the center area. I used a small metal file as well as Emory Boards (fingernail files)

Thumb Saver Painting 2012-09-11 Thumb Saver Painted 2012-09-11 Thumb Saver Spraying  2012-09-11]

I am not sure the Thumbsaver really needed a finished coat, but I did paint mine, added a little duck (since we like to shoot Rubber Ducks to see them fly) and then sealed that with a top Clear Coat of spray paint. Be careful when painting, if your Thumbsaver is a very tight fit over your Magazine, you might make the whole too small with too much paint.

Thumb Saver Complete 2012-09-13

This is how a 22 Magazine Thumbsaver works, it pushes down the "button" that the spring is controlled by so that a person can put the ammo into the magazine. You may or may not need one. I never thought I would.

-- The Far Out Guns Team
Tue, 11 Sep 2012 20:32:50 -0400