Brass Cleaning 1 2012-10-18

SAVE THOSE SHELLS, PICK UP THOSE BRASS CASES! Many people reload their ammo. It is a fun hobby and most will tell you they are saving money doing it. Deron took a complimentary Reloading Class at a large Sporting Goods Store. He enjoyed it so much that I told him if they gave the class again, or when they did, I would like to take it too. It happened to be scheduled while Deron 16 year old son Blake was spending the summer with us, so Blake and I both took it and learned a lot. Reloading is not just for old men. If a person learns what they are doing, it is a hobby of it's own for all shooters.

There are several companies that offer the equipment necessary for reloading your cartridges. You can buy your parts either in Gun Stores, Sporting Goods Stores that carry guns, or on line. Just be sure you are buying all of the correct parts for the type of cartridges you will be reloading. Take your time and do not have distractions while you enjoy this new (or old) hobby.

Brass Cleaning 3 2012-10-18

While reloading your own ammo is not Rocket Science, there is a science to it. Please take a course or at least read all the instructions that come with your Reloading Machine, as well as watch videos. Accidents can happen while you are reloading and if your ammo is not packed correctly. Some accidents can be quite costly and others, well, quite deadly.

Brass Cleaning2 2012-10-18

A person could certainly buy all the parts needed to reload new, or you can pick up the brass shells that your gun dispells when you are out shooting. If you are really lucky you might know other shooters that do not reload but that are happy to pick up their dispelled shells and gift them to you. Make sure that this brass, each one, is still in good and usable condition...and of course do all the cleaning required.

Brass Sorting1 2012-10-13 Brass Sorting 2 2012-10-13

It does take time to sort your ammo if you shoot a lot and don't keep your shells sorted out as you go. As you can see we had just been storing all of our brass as we went. We spent an evening sorting together, and all and all, it was a fun evening. They do make these sorting pans that help.

Reloading 1 2012-10-23

As you can see here, "When there is a will, there is a way.". Deron and I live in a very small home and still.... Deron built this little, very stable, table for reloading. It works for us. We might have to have a "Side Table" when we are doing different sized cartridges in one day, but again, "When there is....."

This photo was taken of Deron when he first started reloading. He was working on 40 caliber for his carry and competition gun. And yes, he was having a lot of fun doing and learning!

Reloading 2 2012-10-23

much more to come as we learn and take more photos


Deron and I bought a Shotgun Shell Reloading Equipment at a Gun Show for a song. I wanted it because I really enjoy shooting shotguns. My idea is that once we get set up on the Reloading Bench we want to build, we can reload together, each having the Equipment to Reload what we want to shoot.

The contents of this page for Reloading is still under construction. Please check back.