Cardboard Targets & Stands

Since Deron and I started shooting with the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) Deron built stands and cut cardboard Targets for us to practice with at home. He looked the information up on line and with 2" x 4"'s build stands, 4', 5', and 6' tall. He then made a Templet for Cardboard to cut out the chest and head Targets. Deron stapled the cardboard targets to the frames with a staple gun and they held very well. These Targets worked well for us to practice on/with before we ever went to an IDPA event and when we got to our first event we knew what to expect. Below are the photos, you can probably figure out just how to make the items from them. I will lasso Deron soon and have him write out just how he put these together. (right now, late summer, he is very busy)

The first photo is of Deron building the Target Frames (as you can see he is also working on a large storage shed and pigeon coup for us). The second photo is of the targets set up in our Shooting Range. The third photo is of how we shot.

Building Target Stands 2012-08-24 Target Stands 2012-08-24. Target Results 2012-08-24

You could of course build a stand such as these and put cardboard on it with the staple gun, then add your favorite, maybe neon marked when shot, paper targets. Most of those have stickers to cover where you have shot so that after shooting your first magazine, and many after, you can put the stickers on and start again. We use masking tape to cover holes on the cardboard when shooting it. That way, a piece of cardboard can last a full day, or longer, of shooting at it and you can still see how you shot on each round.

I should also add that you can purchase the chest and head cutouts on line. They are marked for shooting areas and are the same exact type you might shoot at a competition shoot.

Deron and I have used cardboard boxes for targets. If you decide to do this, and they make great targets, DO NOT PUT LARGE ROCKS IN THEM TO HOLD THEM DOWN IN THE WIND. Use small stones and spread them out inside the box. This way you are not likely to bet "blow back". That is, the bullet breaks or ricochets. With smaller spread out rocks in the bottom of your box the bullet is more likely to move the rocks, if you even hit them at all.

There are other ways to build these Cardboard Target Holders with Lumber ~ many times, Scrap Lumber. Deron wants to build more target holders for Cardboard Targets and is going to do it in a way that is more compact for storage. I will try to get photos of him building them.....but when Deron decides he is going to do something, he just goes out and does it. He shows me after.

The contents of this page for Cardboard Targets & Stands is still under construction. Please check back.

-- The Far Out Guns Team
Thu, 30 Aug 2012 11:07:57 -0400