Shooting Golf Course

GolfCourse1 2012-07-27 GolfCourse2 2012-07-27 Golf

You can also see in these photos our new "golf course". Nine tees on top of the Gong Posts at 50 yards, another nine at 100 yards. Deron bought some "recycled golf balls" and some tees inexpensively. A person gets so many shots at each, 50 and 100, and shots and hits are recorded. It is A LOT of fun. We have been using my new AR (man it is accurate!)

Bouncing Orange Target

I bought some little squirrels/ground hogs/prairie dogs, Dog Toys, to put between the Golf Balls just for a bit more fun.

It is not rocket science to see how to set up this Golf Course. Deron and his son Blake drilled holes in the top of our Gong Stands. Any type of stand that is wide enough for the golf tees and balls could be used. You do not need the Gofers, but they do add a bit of fun to the Game. We do 12 to 15 shots per 9 Golf Ball stand. We do keep score. Any type of gun could be used, but at the distances we shoot them, we use Rifles, usually the AR 15 with scope. When we shoot the course we all use the same gun. But you could make up your own rules on your own course. I will say this really is a fun shoot and really makes you "aim small" hoping to "miss small". It is not a game for a windy day.

For our Shoot our here July 2016 we plan to:

AR's with any size magazines you would like to use.

We recommend you bring an extra ammo filled magazine for quick change if your magazine holds less than 18 rounds of ammo.


Check our page here, 'Shooting Golf Course', at this site for the idea of what we are talking about....

This will be a timed event. But the time will go backwards, ie, you will only have so much time to shoot 18 Golf Balls within that time frame.

Sites or Scopes of your choice.

-- The Far Out Guns Team
Mon, 06 Aug 2012 18:26:13 -0400