Your First Gun

Mosin Nagant 2012-03-24

Your First Gun may or may not be your favorite or go to gun. Since almost every Gun Store do not offer for you to shoot guns before you buy them. Since everyone has their own opinion of best grip and hand size, since there are so many calibers you might buy two or three guns before you find the right one for you.

You will be ahead of the average person if you have friends that shoot and you can use their guns a few times and decide what is best for you.

Talk to Gun Sales People. I have found them very helpful. Let them know what you want from the gun you are buying, how much you will be shooting, your gun experience, and answer any questions they have for you. I have found this the best way to get a gun near what you are looking for.

And, bigger is not better for everyone. A 44 Revolver or a 30-06 Rifle is going to be too much for most, if not all, beginners.


Diamondback 380 Pistol

When a person purchases their first gun there is an excitement mixed with intimidation...and there should be. It is an awesome responsibility to own a gun. You need to realize you are responsible for every bullet shot out of that gun, even if someone else is shooting it with your permission. Guns are not more dangerous, and in my opinion less dangerous in the right hands, than a vehicle. However, and none the less, a gun can be deadly.

Before you load your new gun, READ THE MANUAL. Read the warnings therein. Learn to clean and care for your gun before you even shoot it.

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DerringerManual 2012-05-04

Seriously, read your new gun's Manual. Read all of the Manual. Understand the gun and how it works. Learn to take it apart for cleaning. Some Gun Manufacturers even offer FREE on year membership in the NRA. Learn what your gun's guarantees are by reading that manual that came with your gun. The manual will also have the address of your gun manufacturer.

If you did not receive a Manual with your gun. Go on line and search out your gun's information. Most, if not all, Gun Manuals are offered on line and can be downloaded and copied. PLEASE take that opportunity and have a copy in your hands to read and reread.


Burgo 22 Short Pistol 2012-03-07

When you purchase your gun and ammunition, you are not quite finished with your purchases for shooting your gun. You are going to need eye and ear protection, a cleaning kit with the correct size and type items you will need to clean the gun your just purchased, some targets, a case for the gun if it did not come with one, and perhaps a pair of shooting gloves.

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CleaningAPistol 2012-04-29

You should always clean a new gun before you shoot it. They are shipped with oils that need to be cleaned out. Used guns can, and usually do, come to the new owners dirty. If you clean your new gun before shooting you will be sure there is nothing that has been left behind within the gun. It is also a very good habit to get into to clean your guns after you shoot them. The information for breaking your gun apart and how to clean them will be IN THE MANUAL.

Cleaning Kits come with the tools you will need for cleaning your gun. But they do not come with the solvent and oils or the clothes you will need to clean your gun. These will be on the shelf (in the store) nearby the Cleaning Kits. Made sure you buy the correct cleaning kit for the gun you purchased. A Shotgun Cleaning Kit will be of not use for a pistol.


Taurus 2012-05-11

Besides the correct ammunition for your new gun you also need a place to shoot. A place that is safe and approved for shooting. You will also need eye and ear protection. You might want some nice leather snug fitting shooting gloves.

If you bought a used gun you might need some of the accessories that came with it when it was new, such as a Thumbsaver for loading your ammo into the Magazine, a Key to lock the gun, extra magazines, or any parts that might be nicked or messed up on the gun it's self.

You will need nonglass, nonfood, targets for shooting.

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If you are able to take a Beginners Shooting Class in your area, jump in with both feet! But if not, and you have a friend that can help you and give you confidence the first few times you shoot, you will learn a lot from them. Look for local gun clubs in your area. These folks will be happy to show you how to use your gun. These folks will happy to show you how to shoot and handle your gun. You might even meet a few friends. Also, Gun Clubs have Shooting Ranges where you can shoot your gun. Most Gun Clubs memberships are pretty reasonable, if in your area the costs are a bit higher, than what it cost here in NW SD where I live, and it seems like a lot of money to you at first, think of this; you will be paying for ~ People that can show you the ropes of using and shooting not only your own gun, but will probably share theirs with you on the Range. The area where you can go and shoot in a safe place, meeting new friends that you will have a lot of questions for, and who knows, you might even meet your new spouse there. Only time will tell.


Pistol Grip Stong Hand Weak Hand Pistol Grip

We were taught to hold our gun as you see in the photo. My strong hand is right, the photo where my finger is beside the gun. My weak hand is on the gun handle as much as the gun will allow and my thumbs are stacked and to the side of the gun, not behind it. When shooting you have a very tight grip on the gun with your arms straight out and "locked" into place. This will help you stay safe when the gun shoots and the recoil moves the gun from it's place. As I said above, you should try to find shooters in your area, ask at a shooting range, for some kind experienced shooter to show you how to hold the gun, how to stand and how to squeeze the trigger when first learning to shoot your gun.

Small Gun Big Hands 2012-09-16

For smaller guns, this is my husband's large hand with my itty bitty North American Arms 22 Revolver, you will want to hang on very tight, and support your wrist as you shoot.

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