Accessories (Safety & Pleasure)

Burgo 22 Short Pistol 2012-03-07

As with any sport there are Accessories that go with Shooting Guns. Some are Necessities and some are for Pleasure. And Shooters may not always agree on the "Necessities and or Pleasure" of the items they use. But that is ok, to each their own, ey? For example, I use Leather Shooting Gloves and recommend all beginners do the same. Deron does not like to wear Gloves when he shoots, in less of course the weather is cold.


Holsters are one of those items I thought every Hand Gun Shooter would have. But I am wrong. There are people that would rather tuck a gun in their belt and go. They are perfectly comfortable doing that. Me? OH NO! I like a Holster that has the gun cradled and has a top snap strap. I like my gun held into the Holster so that when I am moving around with all the animals here, or moving around while carrying, it stays right where I put it, until I take it out. But, like everything else, I guess that is why they make so many types of Holsters, so that everyone can have the type they feel the safest using.

DerringerManual 2012-05-04

On item that I would not even call an Accessory that should be with, or on file, for every gun, is the Gun Manual ie: the Gun Instructions. It not only tells you how to break down and clean, put the gun back together, but also how the gun works and more. A Gun Owner should have a Manual for every gun they own. This is a Safety Item and Necessity per gun owned for sure.

ThumbSaver 2012-05-04 LoadingMagazine2

The Thumbsaver, or "the pusher downer thing". Man. I love these. They are used to push the Magazine Spring down in your Magazine as you fill it with bullets. Many times, especially with the larger caliber guns, this is just a must for some of us (ladies). Shame, but you do need one for each individual gun make and model. The Thumbsavers are made to slide down over the top of your Bullet Magazine and push down the Bullet Elevator Platform. However, with most smaller caliber Magazines it is pretty easy to push the side button and push the spring down to load as you see in the photo of the 22 Magazine.

The contents of this page for Accessories (Safety & Pleasure) is still under construction and hopefully ever growing. Please check back often.

-- The Far Out Guns Team